Welcome! An MB.Styled Intro

Hey guys! Welcome to MB.Styled, formerly known as The Mint Green Mug. If you’re a new reader, then welcome! If you’ve been following for a while and decided to transition over with me, then thank you so much! I will be sloooowwlly transferring over some of the old blog posts from Mint Green Mug to this new space but it’s more of a pain in the butt than I anticipated, so for now I thought I would introduce myself, or reintroduce myself, for the first official post.

So, hi! My name is Marissa.  I am a 23 year old college grad stuck somewhere in between real life, and my ideal post-grad life because let’s face it, life is hard and sometimes [most of the time],  the path to that dream career, or life you wanted, is a complex one. I have dreams of owning a successful creative business (of what type I have no idea, I want to do a lot of things) one day, but for now I’m looking to find a job that can pay the bills while I work on the details of everything else – yeeep fun stuff right!? Despite this pre-life crisis, I have some really great people in my life who help to make everything just a little bit sweeter. Cue in my husband aka G; he is the most loving, supportive, and encouraging man on this planet and I couldn’t picture my life without him. We met almost five years ago, have been married for just about two, and my life has never been the same since then. He is my person, my love, and also my editor of this blog, which actually is a pretty hard job because I don’t like to follow grammar rules a lot of the time, so thank you my love! There’s also mi familia, my mom, brother, and sister.  We’ve all been through a lot together so we’re a pretty tight-nit group. Next are Chloe, ChaCha, & Exuma. I call them my children, but they are really our dogs. They have legitimate personalities and Exuma has the attitude of a 3-year-old child.

I love the beach and exploring new places outside of my home state of New Mexico. Before graduating college, I thought I had my life together: I owned a small event planning business that was doing pretty well, but one day I just decided that as much as I loved planning, planning events and trying to run a creative business in this state was not exactly what I wanted. That pretty much started a major freak-out of what I’m going to do with my life and now I’m here...still unsure, but getting closer. I love to create things, whether it’s graphic design based, or actually building something with my hands. I like to be outdoors. I’d like to say that love to workout, but let’s be honest that’s a struggle, and when those chocolate chip cookies call my name it’s over...especially when cookies are accompanied by "On-Demand" television. But every now and then I will get out for a run or bike ride and wonder why I don’t do it more often. I also love to take photos; I love to look back on the captured memories from my lens.

This post is getting suuper long so I’m going to stop for now, but if you’ve read this far I really appreciate it. Feel free to leave a comment or send a message! Thanks for reading.