The Whiteboard Method: A Different Way To Plan Your Days

Let's face it, as much as I love having a physical paper planner in front of me, not everyone likes or has the need, to lug around a planner everywhere they go. For example, my husband cannot keep track of a physical planner. With his demanding schedule and multiple to-do's we had to get creative to help him get organized and on track. Enter what I call the Whiteboard Method. This method has worked great to keep track of not only individual schedules but family events and due dates as well. 

How It Works: 

A large whiteboard is used to keep track of everything in one easy to change, accessible place.

We use this particular one from Walmart but there are many different styles available. Choose the one that fits your style the most! The key elements I looked for when buying our whiteboard included also having a cork board surface attached to pin papers we needed for that month, while also having a place to write down any future dates (like the following months schedule in advance). It also helped that the boxes for the months were already printed on the board. 

How To Use This Method: 

Color coordinate. Determine which colors will go to which events. For example green is my husband's color so anything he writes down for his personal schedule will be indicated with the green dry erase marker. Mine is purple, I write down my work schedule and any appointments or due dates I have in that color. Our family color is black so any events we have as a family i.e. dog vet appointments or parties will go on the whiteboard in black. Color coordinating will help to identify any scheduling conflicts and helps with remembering your schedule for the week. Make it fun and keep the markers close by your board for easy schedule changes. 

 Notes. One of the things that I like most about this whiteboard is the small cork board area at the bottom. This space houses any important papers we might need for the month. For example this month we received a notification that our registration for one of our cars is due. I wrote the date in on our calendar but I also pinned the reminder to the board for future reference of the information we may need. If the whiteboard you choose doesn't have a cork board area, then consider adding a cork board square next to your whiteboard for easy pinning of important documents. 

A Look Ahead. In order for the Whiteboard Method to work you have to be able to look at the month ahead in addition to the current month you're experiencing. We use this section to write down future events, especially activities that are planned around the beginning of the next month. We write down any future vacay plans or any conferences coming up that my husband may be attending. 

Snap A Pic. You can't easily stick the entire whiteboard in your bag when you're on the go so we find it easiest to snap a picture of the board throughout the month so we can reference our family schedule when we're out and about. 

The Whiteboard Method: A different way to organize and plan your days from MBSTYLED.COM

The Whiteboard Method is perfect for families with busy schedules. It's easy to edit and also gives a clear view of the month all in one place. What is your favorite way to keep track of your days? Share in the comments below!