Life Lately & Our Lifestyle Shoot

Hi there! I’m back, obviously, because you are reading this. Hopefully somewhere cozy like your couch, or bed, or preferably in a hammock looking out onto the ocean. I’ve started posts and stopped, re-wrote everything and then deleted them all in the same breath so I think it’s about time I just put it all out there. It’s been just about six months since becoming a flight attendant. I wish I had more exciting stories to write about but I have yet to do an international trip, and let’s be honest, I try to drop most of my trips each month in order to maximize my time at home. The longer I do this whole flight attendant thing though the harder it is for me to sit still. After a week of being home I get the itch to fly again, which is good and bad. Good because I actually have a job that I enjoy and bad because leaving home is still hard to do. Cooking breakfast with G in the morning, walking the dogs in the desert every evening, and working on building projects with my mom on the weekends are some of the things I cherish the most.

For a while there my creative juices pretty much diminished and I had no energy or desire to do anything creative. Now that I’ve been able to establish some sort of routine and sleep schedule the ideas are coming back and I’ve been jumping from project to project. The first major one was a dresser for G and I’s bedroom. This project was soooo satisfying, one because my mom and I got to hunt for the perfect piece and make it something new and two me and G can finally start folding clothes like real adults and have a place to put them. Please tell me that there are other people out there who pile their clean laundry on top of the dyer? Anyone? We also spruced up our bedroom and made a fancy new headboard! Our bedroom now feels like it was pulled straight out of a magazine. Okay, maybe not that fancy but I think it looks pretty darn good.

With all of these new changes we made to the bedroom I got inspired to do a “couples lifestyle shoot” with G. I ask him and he said yes! Which is really no surprise he’s usually supportive of everything I do no matter how crazy it is but anyway! We got ready one morning and proceeded to take pictures. It feels good to get back behind the lens, I’ve missed photography so much! It’s pictures like these with G that remind me that we need to document our life a little bit more. Looking back at photo memories is so sweet and a mood changer when I’m gone for ten days at a time.

That's a little bit about our life lately! Hoping to write a little more and share some more photos from upcoming shoots! 

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