We're Pregnant! The Beginning of Our Pregnancy Journey

Maternity photos from mbstyled.com
Couple Maternity Photos from mbstyled.com

Wow what a whirlwind these past few days have been! So I wanted to share our pregnancy story on the blog to document our journey, connect with other future/current mamas, and to share a new part of our lives. So in November of 2016 me and G decided that we were both ready to have a baby. We had talked about it for quite sometime, in fact it's always been a frequent discussion in our relationship. I was coming up on a year with delta and g had finally gotten adjusted on his new 12 hour shift schedule. So, we felt like the time was right to start trying, I knew the Lord would do everything in His timing but in my mind I felt like it would be a good 6 months before anything popped off. On February 1st 2017 we found out we were pregnant! I woke up that morning knowing that my period was late; I have the life app on my phone (super great for tracking periods and now pregnancy!), so when I looked to see where we were on the calendar...I was two, almost three days late! The whole entire day my heart was pounding because g and I had discussed that if I found out I was pregnant I would surprise him. I was coming up blank and I could not figure out how in the world to go out, get a test, and tell him if it was positive. So instead while we were sitting on the couch I turned to him and said "so, you wanna go get a pregnancy test?!" And then immediately started crying. In my heart I knew we were pregnant but in that moment all sorts of emotions popped up. What if we're not? I just told g we might be and now I think both of our hopes are up. What if we are?! We are about to find out if life as we know it is about to be flipped upside down. I told him I was two days late and have been cramping like Aunt Flo was coming into town but nothing was going on. We took the dogs for a walk down by the river and stopped on the way home to pick up a test. I wanted one of every kind, digital, the one with the little lines, but thankfully only one type was in stock so I didn't go overboard with the tests. I had been holding my pee for a few hours so I ran inside grabbed a disposable cup and did my thang. G and I waited on our living room floor for 3 minutes and decided that we would both look at the test at the same time. We walked into the bathroom and without looking grabbed the pamphlet so we could learn what we were looking for. After reading what to look for on the test we walked into the bathroom and on the counter was a positive pregnancy test. Oh. My. Gosh. We sat there in disbelief on our bedroom floor looking at each other and trying to comprehend how much our lives changed in that moment. 

G has been so incredibly supportive and so dang excited throughout this whole process so far! I know we have a little bit of time to go but it's already moving so fast. I blinked and we are already almost to five months. That day we took the pregnancy test, before I had said anything related to being pregnant we were sitting on the couch and he wrapped his arms around me and said "I feel like something is off, I can't put my finger on it but something is different." How cool is that?! At that point my heart almost exploded into a million pieces because I knew something was up and that we were in sync without knowing it. 

Despite the initial excitement these past three months have been rouughhhh. I've been hit with so much nausea I don't know what to do with myself. Smells make me so sick and I can't stand the taste of water, WATER?! I know, it's borderline ridiculous. My doc says things should ease up going into the second trimester and I am so looking forward to that and getting some of my energy back. Don't get me wrong I like naps, but not naps that don't give me energy. 

(So, I obvi wrote that portion a while back when I thought we were going to tell everyone but a month and a half went by and here we are) 

Now that I've moved into the second trimester things have been a little easier. I have more energy to last an entire day without crashing out at 12pm, and I find it a little easier to keep it together when I get emotional over something. I was at one point crying over every little thing, for no apparent reason. Poor G. 

After finding out the news, a lot of people asked if I am still working or if I will continue to work and the answer is yes. I have gotten the ok from my doc to continue working up until 26 weeks which is my airlines cut off time to where I go on maternity leave. I might leave sooner depending on how awkward it is to move through the aisles. Planes are not forgiving so I'd imagine as I get bigger it'd be pretty miserable, especially since I consider myself a plane ninja; I can move around people like a boss. 

My belly is starting to grow and I'm growing some thick thighs. Which is weird and difficult to deal with at the same time. Your body changes to support this tiny growing life but it all changes so fast you don't have much time to process it! Working out has been my go to, it makes me feel better and I like knowing I'm staying healthy not only for the baby but for me, and G. 

G and I are also looking at a house to buy! I know, I feel like it's so cliche to get a house when you have a baby, but the rental we are in now drives me nuts simply over the carpet. It's gross and there's nothin I can do about it. This has been a time full of lots of prayer, excitement, stress, and patience! I know the Lord will provide the perfect house for our needs it's all just a matter of when. 

So, that is what we have been up to lately! Just growing babies and buyin houses and such. I will be updating the blog more often now that the big news is out so stay tuned!