5 Simple Ways to Live a Healthier Life

For the past year and a half, G and I have tried to move towards a more healthier lifestyle. We've switched to more organic fruits and veggies, less chemicals and additives in the products we use, and avoiding eating fast food as much as possible. This journey has not been easy by any means and we've learned a lot through trial and error. G has always been kind of a health nut, he works out often, eats a lot of meals at home and eats oatmeal at least once a day every day (something I cannot seem to get myself to do). I on the other hand live off junk food. I love snacking on chips, sweets, and sugary drinks. It wasn't until we moved right next to a health food store that i started to realize what effect those types of foods were having on my body. These are a few ways that G and I have moved to a healthier lifestyle. 

1. We swapped out our shampoo/conditioner. 

There are so many different chemicals in just about everything we use and believe it or not the shampoo and conditioner we put in our hair gets absorbed into our bodies. Although at first this seemed like a simple swap but this particular switch was difficult for me. It took me about four different brands of "all natural" shampoos to find one that worked with my hair and made me feel relatively normal. I will say the adjustment period for this swap is rough. Your hair will go through some transitions, for me it was super ... and I mean really super greasy nasty looking hair. Still, four months later I have my bad days but it's slowly starting to get back to normal. My hair is soft, shiny, and thicker than it has been in the past. 

2. We started looking at the ingredients of our favorite foods. 

If you can't pronounce them or the ingredient list is a mile long chances are it's not the best for you. We still have a lot to learn but our rule of thumb is to look at the ingredient list and if it looks too crazy we don't get it. We have also started narrowing down the foods that we love to eat on a regular basis and are finding recipes for those foods that we can make on our own! That way we can know exactly what we put into our food. It takes a little bit of effort but it's so worth it! Just the other day G and I went to the store and I picked up a pack of tortillas, there were over 30 ingredients! Instead, I made some at home with only 4 ingredients! The best part? it only took about 20 minutes. Another favorite food of ours to make is homemade pizza, we make the dough ... which took about ten tries to finally get one that didn't have the texture of a cracker, make the sauce, and throw some veggies on top. Homemade pizza is probably our favorite and we make it pretty often!

3. We started buying organic fruits and veggies. 

We try to buy organic fruits and veggies as much as possible. Most of the time it happens but sometimes it doesn't. We recently moved to a new apartment which is further away from our favorite natural grocery store.  The move has made it a little bit more difficult to get good fruits and veggies as often as we'd like. We've also entertained the idea of subscribing to a farm to table delivery service. I think we are both afraid of the commitment so that may takes some time to actually follow through with. The good news? A lot of big box stores have started to add organic fruit and veggie sections which makes grocery shopping a lot easier! 

4. We started drinking more water...sort of 

I struggle with this on a daily basis. Water to me is bland and boring even though I know the amazing benefits of drinking it. I know there are some people who like to put the amount of water they want to drink everyday in a large bottle and carry that with them throughout the day. I find it easier to drink water in smaller increments and slowly add up to how much I should be drinking. It doesn't happen everyday but I'm hoping I will get there one day! There are also fun phone apps that can help keep track of your water intake and make things a little bit more fun! Try the app Waterlogged it's a fun and colorful way to track how much water you are drinking! G is really good at staying hydrated he is constantly pouring glass after glass... makes me a little jealous! 

These are some changes we have made to transition to a healthier lifestyle. Some are easier than others but it's definitely easier with someone who wants to do the "healthy" lifestyle with you! What are some things you do to live a healthier lifestyle? G and I are willing to try new things!