White Sands New Mexico: A One Day Getaway

There's nothing better than spending time with your family away from technology, city lights, and everyday stressors. Lately G and I have been busy with work and life decisions that we haven't had time to get away. I wanted to share our short trip to White Sands New Mexico. This trip has been one of the best ones we've taken ... yep even better than our honeymoon... that's a whole other story. We hiked about a mile to one of the furthest primitive campsites at White Sands and set up shop shortly before dawn. We went during the middle of Spring where the days were hot but the nights cool. Probably the best time to go if you're thinking about going. We watched the sunset on a tall dune and ate snacks for dinner. It was perfect. Is it weird that we are scared to go back to this place? Worried that the perfect evening we had together might be squashed by a less than perfect second experience? 



Marissa Bartlett

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