Life Lately

Whew! I have missed this space so much! The end of 2015 is almost here and so much has happened so I thought I would give an update about what's been going on in the Bartlett household. 

Spring: G graduated with his masters degree in counseling which was super exciting, but it also opened up a whole other can of worms... Where do we go from here? We have been talking about moving out of New Mexico for some time now and we thought after graduation would be the perfect time. Little did we know God had other plans. We found a new apartment and decided to settle down for just a little while. G, the puppies, and I moved to a different apartment. We chose an apartment with an extra bedroom and guess what!? We never use it lol, we had the intention of using it for an office space but plans have shifted just slightly. 

Summer: With no more school for the both of us we thought things would slow down and that we would have more free time to do fun things. Our summers in the past have been jam packed with outdoor activities, lots of camping trips, and day trips to our favorite spots. This summer was slightly different. We finished the moving process and started to settle into our new home. G started seeing more counseling clients in addition to working his full time job and I started picking up more hours at Starbucks. Although I love our new apartment, the move was rough. All of us including our puppies had a rough time adjusting. I don't think I realized how special our first apartment together was. 

Fall: At this point it has been about a year and a half since I graduated college, and I am feeling like time is slipping away. I decided to seek other employment opportunities after getting a little tired of my current job. I have always had dreams of becoming a flight attendant, but never seriously pursued it because my dream of owning my own business has always been my number one goal. Although, I still one day would like to own my own business, for now I have decided to go with my gut and apply for an airline position. Once I hit the submit button I feel like God opened so many doors. I was contacted a few days later by two major airlines to continue on with the application process. Ultimately, I was offered flight attendant positions with both airlines and have chosen to continue the process with the one I felt more connected with. I won't say which airline just yet! I think it might be against the rules, but I will update the blog periodically about my experiences throughout training. 

Winter: G and I hosted our first Thanksgiving together in our new home and it went so well! I loooove hosting dinner parties and Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. My brother will be leaving for the Navy in February next year so this one was extra special. I built a giant 8.5X4 ft table just so everyone could be sitting in the same place! I also received my training date and will be leaving in late January for flight attendant training! Feeling super excited, but also sad and nervous to be leaving my family. G and I have been talking about what completing training will mean for us. It's a difficult conversation because there are so many unknowns, but we are excited for the change and looking forward to finding a new place to call home. My heart longs to be in a big city at least for a little while, but I know the pups and my hubby may not have the best time there. Decisions! decisions! For now we are enjoying this time together and making the most of it before I leave. Which brings me to my next exciting news! I love all forms of creativity and love exploring different mediums so lately I have been playing around with short videos of our adventures together! I'm thinking about making monthly posts with all of our short videos from that month. I think it might be a neat way to recap everything! Anyway, we will see how that goes. 

Well that's what has been going on over here in the Bartlett house. The next couple of months will be busy busy, so I am looking forward to sharing more about those adventures in a later post. Stay tuned for more fun posts, I literally have a ton in the draft section of this blog I just have to add photos and publish them! To end this looong post here's a short video of a recent trip up to the mountains! Feel free to follow more of our short video adventures by checking out #TheBartlettBrood on Instagram! 


Thanks for reading!