Christmas Wrapping Paper: Free Download

With Christmas quickly approaching it's time to start wrapping up all of the gifts I bought early in November. Yup! That's right I'm ahead of the game. I'm pretty proud of myself because it's allowed me to get thoughtful and useful gifts for my fam. Anyway, I am a sucker for unique wrapping paper and anything with the colors black and white. So, with that in mind I decided to design my own wrapping paper this year! I am really excited because that means I get to share those designs with you all for your own gifts! Below is the link to download three 11X17 in. wrapping paper designs. These work best with smaller sized gifts, I printed them at the self serve printers at Kinkos on the regular paper they have in the printer. It worked perfectly but you can opt to print on a fancier paper if you wish. TIP: The files are in black in white so make sure that is the setting on the printer. It will save you money not having to pay for an all color print :)  I am in love with the way that they came out and am looking forward to handing over these gifts in style.

Christmas Tree Wrapping PaperBow & Stripes Wrapping Paper Ornament Wrapping Paper

**These designs are for personal use only and may not be sold or modified in any form. Feel free to share them just link back here to the original post :) **

P.S. I am a horrible wrapper so show me your beautiful wrapping skills by using #mbstyled on Instagram! I wanna see your wrapping skills!