We're All About The Pups ... Life Lately

Hi everyone! So sorry I've been absent from this space for a little while I promise there is a lot going on behind the scenes (riiight ... isn't that what all bloggers say?). Anyway, G and I have had our hands full since we got back from our NYC & Florida "vacay." While we were in FL my brother asked if we wanted another dog.  One of his friends was selling lab mix puppies and we ... ahem...okay...I had been wanting a new puppy for Exuma for a while now. After discussing and sleeping on it we decided to bring a new puppy into our family. A few days after we got home we brought the new pup home to meet Exuma. She has been a whirlwind in this house from potty training to regular training, to her sleep schedule. We are all jacked up. No seriously, I think we all could sleep for a week straight, this pup is so full of energy. Despite our lack of sleep I think Exuma really likes having a playmate around, she plays so gentle with her and has even warmed up a little and lets her cuddle. 

A bit about their names ....

We decided to name the new pup Conchita ... I know it may sound a little weird but we already get weird looks from people for Exuma's name so why not add to that! Just kidding, both of their names have special meanings. Exuma's name comes from our honeymoon location Great Exuma in the Bahamas. This was the first trip we took as a married couple and it holds a special place in our hearts. Conchita is our version of concha, a delicious Mexican pastry that G and I both enjoy. It's actually my faaaaavorite pastry; I could eat them all day long. So, although different and maybe a little weird to some we love their names. 

That has been our life lately. It's been a little crazy but I'm glad we have these two pups in our lives.