MB.Styled Custom Planner Sneak Peek

So, remember that one time I mentioned the idea of custom planners? Well I promise they are still coming, but good things take time and an extreme amount of patience. I want these planners to be great! In order to give you a little more insight into what I mean by “custom planners” I thought I would show a little bit of what I’ve been working on. One of my good friends Steph is pursuing a career in journalism, which means she will most likely be working crazy hours, and will have multiple projects going on all at once.

I designed a planner layout catered to her chosen career to help organize and plan everything all in one place. There are a lot of different elements in this layout so I will go through and explain the purpose of each one. This particular planner comes undated and is wire bound for ease of use.

Get This Stuff Done Today: This section up at the top of the layout is a place to put the most important items down on your to-do list for that day.

Upcoming Projects & Assignments: This section can be used for a number of things; a note taking section during meetings, a task box for an upcoming project, or simply a reminder to work on a particular element of an ongoing project or story.

Bills Due, Meal Prep, and Happy Birthday To: are a few of my favorite sections. These are designated spaces to remind you of bills, or payments, due that day, a space to remind you to call your grandma on her birthday, and finally a meal prep section where you can plan out that day's meals or grocery list and also monitor how much water you've been drinking throughout the day.

Daily Time Schedule: On the left hand side there is a 5am-10pm lined schedule to put any meetings, dates, or reminders in.

Story Ideas: Down at the bottom is a place for inspiration, since an idea for the next news story can hit at anytime.  This space comes in handy when you need to jot down something really quick. It's also easy to reference later on!

Best Part About Today: Probably my most favorite section. This is a space where you can unload the good (and bad) parts about your day. It's labeled "best part about today" because we all have really rough days sometimes, and it can be hard to find the positive when we are deep down in it. It encourages you to dig deep and really pinpoint what was great about that particular day even if it's as simple as eating a delicious pile of french fries.


I am so so so soooo excited for this new custom planner service to be added to MB.Styled soon! I truly believe that having a planner custom made to fit your lifestyle makes all the difference. Check back soon or follow along on Bloglovin to see more custom planner possibilities!

What is your favorite style of planner? Do you prefer daily or weekly style planners? Leave your opinion in the comments below!