Launch Day!

Launch day is here and I cannot tell you how excited I am! I feel like I have been keeping this a secret for like ever which really isn't true because I've tried to tell everyone that I meet about this new custom planner business. But hey, I'm learning what my marketing strengths are and explaining everything in under 10 minutes is not my strong suit. So, now that everything is out, the website is up, and I'm ready to take this leap I want to highlight some of the reasons why these planners are awesome!

#1- Custom Planner Anyone?

Ever wish you could design your own planner layout that has room for everything you ever wanted? Think a space to post sticky notes, a place to write down your workout routine, a to-do list, a timeline that starts when you get up whether that's at 3am or 7am, or whatever else your heart desires. This planner can do that! 

#2- 190 Double-Sided Customizable Pages

With the potential to hold 380 pages there is so much we can put into your planner. Prefer a weekly style format? We can put in budgeting, bills, and notes pages to fill the rest of your planner. Want a daily style planner? We can do that too!

#3- One-on-One Attention 

I want you to have the best experience and the best planner when the process is over so I design the custom planner process to include one-on-one attention to get you the best planner ever!

#4- Ultra Thick Front & Back Covers with Exclusive MB Styled Designs

These planners are meant to be functional, stylish, and durable at the same time. I've designed these planners with super thick covers to withstand normal everyday wear. New cover design styles will be added to the shop often so there's bound to be something you'll fall in love with!

#5- Front Cover Pocket Slip

It's easy to accumulate random papers throughout the day so the front cover pocket slip is designed to hold everything from business cards to bills. 

#6- Sturdy Silver Wire-O Binding

This type of binding allows for a flat surface when writing and also allows us to switch where we bind your planner! That means if you're a lefty we got you covered!

I am so in love with these planners and I know you will be too! Check out the shop to start creating your perfect planner! What are some features you would put in your dream planner? Leave them in the comments below!