Lessons Learned: From New Puppy Parents

Lessons Learned: From New Puppy Parents a bi-weekly series from mbstyled.com

Yay! Wednesday is here and that means tomorrow is moving day! I am so excited to give a home tour when I get everything finished but for now I am excited to start a new bi-weekly blog series called Lessons Learned. Every other week on Wednesdays I will share a "Lesson Learned" that my hubby and I have gone through together so you can learn from our mistakes or plan ahead (see what I did there) for your next life adventure. This week it's lessons learned from being new puppy parents. 

After having Exuma for a while we thought we were masters of puppy parenting. She was super easy to potty train, only a couple of accidents in the house. She also picked up on tricks and commands super easily! We decide to bring a new puppy into our family so Exuma could have a playmate, and also to expand our family without actually having kiddoes. Little did we know we would be in for a roller coaster ride. Here are some lessons we learned from being second time puppy parents. 

Each Puppy Is Different

As  I wrote the above title I literally said duh out loud.  Of course, it's easier for me to say that now after being a puppy mom to two completely different puppy personalities. Exuma and Concha couldn't be more different, they love playing with each other, but they have their own distinct personalities. Exuma is all about the non-verbals when she wants something she quietly lets you know in a big way. Aka dropping shoes on your toes, or staring you down until you let her out on to the balcony. Concha on the other hand is very vocal; seriously, she is never not making some kind of noise, whether it's chewing, whining, grunting, or barking. She loves to make her presence known and her needs known ... to the whole. entire. world. 

You Might Not, Probably Won't, Ever Get To Sleep In Again

Both of our pups are early risers. Every morning like clock work they get up and make it their mission to get us up. First it starts with the quiet yawn, gently telling us that it's morning time. Next, comes the low growl, you know the one that shows they are seriously annoyed that you didn't get up within the first 5 minute warning. Then comes the toe and face nibbles, once they learn how to jump on the bed all bets are off, any exposed limbs will be munched on. 

You'll Get A Lot More Exercise

Daily walks are a must if you don't want to come home to a living room full of pillow fluff. We take the pups out for two walks, one in the morning and once in the evening with pee breaks in between. Larger and energetic breeds need play time and outside time. Both Concha and Exuma get serious attitudes if we don't take them out or play with them. Like wrestle mania attitudes. 

You'll Learn All About Their Little Quirks

Exuma gets fish butt and Concha pukes every time she gets into the car. Concha also likes to pretend she's a mini horse by putting the metal part of her leash in her mouth during walks. 

Potty Training Is Going To Suck

Exuma was super easy to train, she picked it up in no time and we only had to clean up a couple of accidents in the house. Concha on the other hand took FOREVER to get it down. Eventually I set an alarm for literally every 45 minutes to take her out. After a week of doing that she finally got it. Unfortunately, our carpet also "got it" I know, gross right? I would suggest investing in some sort of enzyme cleaner. Works wonders.  

You'll Get More Love Than You Know What To Do With

These pups love us unconditionally, despite being at work all day or a shorter walk than usual, they still love us 110%. I've fallen in love with these two and I want to give them the best puppy life possible. 

                                                                                                      Family pictures are hard guys...

                                                                                                      Family pictures are hard guys...