Change: Transitioning Into A New Lifestyle


I've always been a big fan of change, whether it's something small like rearranging furniture in a room or something on a larger scale like starting a new job. I welcome it as a chance to grow and learn what I am capable of. As the time to leave to flight attendant training draws near I find myself wanting to stop time. Wanting to go back a couple of years and do it all over again, maybe we wouldn't be here in this position making such a drastic change in our lives. Flight attendant training doesn't just symbolize a new job, or a new place to live, it means that when I graduate my brother will be just finishing up boot camp with the navy getting ready to go to school for another two years. My sister will be finishing up her junior year of high school gearing up for her last summer as a grade school student. It symbolizes a change in lifestyle for G and I, there will be nights where we won't be sleeping in the same bed, or city for that matter. I feel like I'm desperately trying to grasp what I pictured for my life as it quickly fades away. It's not all bad, we are all trying to make our mark in the world and taking steps to get there, but it's hard. I can't picture my family not all being within ten miles of each other. It's life, I know, we grow up and have our own families but I honestly want to put everyone in a box and keep them with me always. Creepy I know, lol but bear with me as this emotional ball cries through the next two weeks leading up to my flight out of NM.


Marissa BartlettComment