Flight Attendant Training: What I'm Packing

Flight Attendant Training: What I'm Bringing + Printable Checklist from MBSTYLED.COM

Flight attendant training is one day away and I'm beginning to pack my bags and get everything in order before I head out. I know there might be others in a similar situation so I wanted to post an in-detail list of what I am packing, and also include a downloadable blank checklist so we can all keep our sanity trying to figure out what to bring. I've never been to training before, nor have I been a flight attendant, so if I find that I brought something unnecessary I will update the list throughout training :) I feel a tad bit ridiculous sharing every little thing I am bringing, but hopefully it will be helpful. And! It's also helping me organize and process what I need to bring! Keep in mind most of the things especially the clothing items are required by my specific airline so your checklist may vary slightly! 

Have you been to training before? What are some things you wished you packed or didn't pack? leave them in the comments below!


Black dress pants: Express, Columnist Barely Boot pricey but they last a while and sometimes go on sale

Pencil Skirts: Express (they have pockets!)

White Polos: Old Navy Online roughly $50 for 5 shirts + shipping

Button Front Cardigans: H&M

Ebags Crew Cooler II: ebags.com super roomy and big cooler perfect for long training days!

TravelPro Crew 10 20-Inch Slim Body Rollaboard in Black: flightattendantshop.com I was on the fence on whether or not to get a larger carry on but went with the smaller one. So far it fits: 2 pencil skirts, 4 dress pants, 2 cardigans, 6 polo shirts, 6 pairs of socks, 3 paris of tights, a medium sized leather purse, & a day planner. Despite its slim body and 20” size it fits quite a few things! 

Watch: withings.com this watch is neat because it’s also an activity tracker. It was gifted to me for Christmas and I love the way it looks. 

Black low height heels: Piccadilly, these shoes are super comfy and compliant for work after training. The downside is it took me three tries to figure out what size I was and shipping is a little expensive. Purchased from crew-shoes.com


-----Last Minute Added Items----- 

 •Flip Flops

•Bobby Pins

•Clorox Wipes

•Laundry Detergent Pods

Spin Pin: If you have long hair or trouble keeping your hair in a bun this thing is amazing!



CLICK HERE to download the printable checklist to help you get organized before training! 


**These opinions are strictly my own and I have not been compensated in any way from the companies mentioned. Just spreading the love ya know!**