Flight Attendant Life; Day One, Two & Three:


I’m back! Ahh! I can officially say I am a Delta Air Lines flight attendant! That feels and sounds so surreal! I cannot believe I made it through 7 weeks of intensive training. In case you were wondering no, it wasn’t all about how to serve drinks and snacks on a plane. I left home for seven weeks to train and after we graduated we were given three days to go home and travel to our new base which for me is Salt Lake City. I booked a positive space from home to my new base and was going to leave early in the morning on Monday. Plans quickly changed because honestly, I was a mess. Being away from G for seven weeks was one of the hardest things we’ve had to experience within our marriage. I cried, a lot, about every little thing. I think I had tears welling up the entire time I was home. I couldn’t imagine leaving my husband again to live part time in another city. That feeling alone, was enough to make me want to quit before I even started. G made the decision to drive me up to Salt Lake so we could spend some more time together and so I could have a car while I’m here. He drove the entire time, and drove around the city a few times in the hopes we’d find a nice apartment to rent for the time I’ll be here. He drove the. entire. way. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for him.

Because it was such a last minute decision G had to fly home the next day which ended up being such a disaster. When you work for an airline the majority of the time you will be flying on standby if you want to take a trip anywhere. We listed G for a flight back home. Long story short he didn’t get on. Which was probably for the best because he is absolutely terrified of flying (that is not a joke). In a moment, of panic we rented a car, paid a ton of money, and he left to do another 9 hour drive. After a day and a half of driving he made it home woot woot! Thank goodness.

Fast forward to day three. My roommate and I signed a lease on an apartment with 6 suitcases, an empty apartment, and an on call schedule coming up we are ready to roll! I am excited but a big part of me is scared and sad. Scared for the unknown and sad for leaving my family for an extended period of time. People often ask flight attendants why they chose to do what they do. Most of the time the answer is because they wanted to fly around the world. Although I am thankful for the opportunity to see and experience places I've never been, I don’t have that same answer. I wanted to find a new home for G the gups and I, a place to start a family, and a career that I love. Here’s to hoping and praying this is where God wants us right now.

-- M