Flight Attendant Life: Missing Home

I've cried in every city I've been to so far. Not because I hate my job, it's only been two weeks since I've started but because I am missing the life g and I used to have. All throughout training they tell you that this is more than a job it's a lifestyle change. Probably a complete 180 from what you're used to. I was stubborn, I thought I could work the system and get the hang of it quickly but I'm at the mercy of the airplane, weather, flight loads, and last minute passengers. My life has become a game of anxiously waiting and checking and rechecking to see if there's an open 17 inch seat for me to get home. Despite this new found stress I've fallen in love with the job, flying, taking care of passengers, and getting them from point a to point b. Traveling to cities I've never been, hearing fascinating stories from passengers (mainly from older men talking about the "good old days" so far) and what I consider time traveling (which is cool in theory but it really kicks your butt). I know God has us here, in this moment in time for a reason, I just have to be patient and know there's a bigger plan in the works.