On Call Days & Seattle

Hey! Guess what?! I'm still a flight attendant! I know, hard to believe after last weeks post but no worries still here. I think g and I are slowly starting to get the hang of this whole being away traveling thing. We still miss each other terribly but have fallen into some sort of routine, I'm sure it will only get better the more we learn. Sadly, I don't think salt lake is where we'll end up permanently. I had high hopes for this place and while I like it here I don't feel that deep rooted connection I was looking for. Maybe that'll come with time? Most people know I'm not the most patient of people but honestly I think the only place we've both felt like that has been when we visited Austin, Texas. We both are still head over heels for that place. So, still on the hunt for the perfect place to set down "roots" and start a fam (say whhhaaatt?) 

 In other news... I have some days off coming up which I'm super excited about! My mom, sister, and I will be going to see my brother graduate from navy bootcamp!! Woot woot! Looking forward to spending time with all of them in a new city! The three of us have been solid as a rock for our whole lives so it's kind of weird not seeing them on a regular basis since we are all spread out now. 

I've been on call for the past 5 days and got sent to Seattle! Holla! It was a very fun trip. 16 hrs in the city was just enough time to walk everywhere, make my feet blister up, take some pics, eat good food, and meet some cool people. I'm talking about you Seattle crew! Speaking of which if you are on the hunt for some awesome walking shoes, because ya know you walk everywhere, I highly recommend finding some Clarks Cloud Steppers shoes. They really are like walking on clouds, especially if you are in heels the majority of the day. Bought these puppies down below from Nordstrom Rack but I'm sure if you did some hunting you could find them elsewhere. Here are some snapshots from my Seattle trip. Hoping to go back with G soon so if you have some cool spots let me know! Especially fooood we love food.