Plane Activities for Younger Babies + Free Printable

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I’ve been slowly putting together some items we will be traveling with on our family trip to South Carolina next month. I’ve traveled with Gray cross country a few times before but that was when he was still little and not yet mobile. Now that he’s crawling and wanting to explore everything I am wanting to bring along things that will hold his attention for the flights to and from. I also wanted to share some free printable activity cards I made for him that I think will be fun to play with on the plane! 

Guys, I am so excited about this trip! We are going to see G’s family which we haven’t seen in a long time. Gray will get to play with his cousins on the beach! It will be a fun time. Getting there will probably be a different story... anyone else’s husbands terrified of flying? I am hoping that by planning these things out now I can eliminate some of the stress that comes with flying. 

1. Books! We have fallen in love with Usborne Books recently so I got gray a couple of new books with themes about planes and the ocean. I thought it would be cool to read about planes and airports while we are actually experiencing them! I haven’t shown Gray these books yet because I want them to be something new and exciting for him but I already love the flaps on the Look Inside the Airport book and I am looking forward to finding some sea creatures that we read about on the way to the beach. If you are interested in these books and other fun ones you can check them out here:

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2. New Toys! Banner Toys sent over some of their wooden toys for Gray and they are so much fun and so so cute! I am planning on taking this cactus teether as well as the rattle for him to play with throughout the trip. These toys are seriously so well made and I know they will last a very long time. Bonus: maple wood is naturally antibacterial. A study done on plastic vs wood cutting boards determined that wood actually stops bacteria from multiplying and after about 3 minutes the bacteria dies out making wood toys the perfect travel companions for air travel. (More on the study here:


3. Laminated activity cards. When Gray was a newborn I laminated some contrasting black and white pattern cards to use during tummy time. He hated tummy time but he still loves to play with those cards today! I decided to make him new ones with better lamination and more colorful illustrations. I added Velcro pieces so we can pin the images where they belong. I think this will be a fun activity for him on the plane and if all else fails I know he will like to flap them around and chew on them haha.

I printed ours at home but kinkos has really awesome color printers and an easy to use lamination machine. When cutting out the cards be sure to leave a good sized edge of laminated sheet around them so they stay sealed inside. I used peel and stick velcro I had on hand but I think clear or white velcro would look even better! If you use these for your little ones tag @mbstyled I can’t wait to see the creative ways you use them! You can download the free printable to use for your little ones HERE.

4. Last but not least snacks. I am still narrowing down what snacks to bring for us and for Gray. Our layovers are short so I know I will need to bring some food to ward of the hangry traveler syndrome. If you have any recs on your favorite plane travel snacks leave a comment below! Granola bars are a must but I’d like to add in some variety as well! 

Here’s to hoping for a great trip!


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